Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Came From The Water

Here's a look at some additional color sketches. I'm seeing a little back and forth from darker brooding disaster scenes to more fruity colorful scenes when it's "happy."
This one was in process yesterday. I added a shirt to Moses from the rough sketches.
I will probably  raise the type box up a little to show more basket and blanket at the bottom:

Now that this is sketched I think I'll be moving the text box up, and putting little Moses on the top.
Or I might make the building taller and leave the text panel close to where it is. It's hard to tell here, whether Moses is part of the panel or on the roof.  Might add more smaller houses in the distance:

I think a little more decorative vestment for Fr. Rick. (it'll look more like him). I'm thinking of swapping positions with the children and the text box.  They might look more connected to Fr. Rick if they are more upward in the picture:

I think the scenes at the left will have to tilt a little toward the right, With the rough color in place they seem to be sliding off the left a little.
Mostly I think it's the pyramids. They'll need straightened out a little:

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